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LENS Webinars : The Wolter optics based neutron microscope
Dr Daniel S. Hussey
Physical Measurement Laboratory, NIST
Jeudi 10/06/2021, 15:00-16:01

Imaging with neutrons has seen strong development in the past two decades, driven by the rapid improvements in digital cameras and the ability to use the properties of the neutron to generate a variety of image contrasts. This webinar will give an overview of the start of the NIST neutron imaging program and how measurements have been augmented with a simultaneous X-ray source.  Discussion will focus on the current state of the art in neutron microscopy, and the outlook for the field with the nearly completed first neutron equivalent to Hooke’s microscope with lens based on Wolter optics.


Register at https://bit.ly/2QkA9qQ

Contact : Alain MENELLE



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