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LENS Webinars: Ultra-high field magnets for neutron scattering: latest developments and possibilities
Dr Mark D. Bird
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Tallahassee
Jeudi 27/05/2021, 15:00-16:01

The first magnets using High Temperature Superconductors to operate at higher field than Nb-based superconductors have only recently been put into service. Most prominent among them are the 1.2 GHz (28.2 T) NMR magnets delivered by Bruker in 2020 and the 32 T magnet for condensed matter research that met specification in 2017. This webinar will address possibilities for higher field magnets for neutron scattering, focusing on the possibilities opened up by the high temperature superconductors but also touching on dc and pulsed resistive magnets.


Register at https://bit.ly/3hn5eFq

Contact : Alain MENELLE



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