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Release of NeXpy v1.0.0  


I am pleased to announce the official release of both NeXpy v1.0.0 and nexusformat v1.0.0. Complete documentation for both packages is available online (https://nexpy.github.io/nexpy/).


NeXpy provides a GUI interface to data stored as HDF5 files, particularly those conforming to the NeXus standard. It comprises a simple PyQt GUI that combines a tree view of loaded data, Matplotlib panes to visualize multidimensional arrays, and an IPython shell for manipulating the data and metadata from the command line. NeXpy is intended to be a simple, intuitive, interactive toolbox that allows users to :

  • visualize NeXus data rapidly
  • make arbitrary projections and slices
  • easily compare multiple datasets with synchronized plot windows
  • consolidate data from multiple files into single multidimensional arrays with minimal overhead
  • perform least-squares fitting of 1D data with a GUI interface to LMFIT
  • create new NeXus-conforming data files without expert knowledge of the file format, and
  • develop new modes of analysis using a built-in Python script editor. 

Ray Osborn

A. Menelle, dépêche du 03/03/2023


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