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Training school on "Ultrafast and intense laser metrology"  

Training school on "Ultrafast and intense laser metrology", 4-8 Dec 2017, Bordeaux

- Master laser field representation
- Understand the many laser field parameters (energetic, spatial, temporal, spectral, spatio-temporal, …)
- Review up-to-date laser metrology techniques
- Train on common metrology techniques during hands on sessions
- Interact directly with the many industrial partners in charge with the trainings
- Build a network of users within the European community and exchange knowledge and how-to among the participants. Initiate collaborations.

- Lectures: 2.5 days
- Hands on training: 2.5 days (18 limited places)

- Degree in lasers and optics


  • Users or designers of high intensity/high energy/high average power lasers
  • Technicians, Engineers, Researchers
  • Undergraduate and PhD students

Details on the programme and registration fees may be found in the attachments.

Training session chair: Prof. Eric CORMIER, CELIA, Bordeaux University, PYLA
Coordination: Sonia GEAY, PYLA
+33 (0)5 57 01 74 03

Anouncement of the school.

S. Jubera, dépêche du 25/09/2017


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