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Laserlab Joint JRA Meeting: May 10-12 - information and registration  


This is to inform you about the Joint JRA meeting on May 10-12 at MBI in Berlin. This event, being part of the contractual obligations of Laserlab-Europe, is a unique occasion to meet in a wider community and to exchange information and know how. Therefore, we expect a large participation. Hereafter you can find a preliminary programme, which is based on joint sessions between JRAs, which present common interests and some related topics. An industry event will also be organised. The meeting will end with a morning dedicated to the individual JRA meetings. Later on, you will receive more detailed information directly from the JRA Coordinators on the scheduling of the sessions.

Preliminary Programme :

Wednesday May 10,  14:00-18:30 (in two rooms):

-        Joint session: PHOTMAT- BIOAPP  -  Joint session: ILAT – LEPP

Thursday May 11:

-        09:00-12:30 +14:00-17:00, Continuation of Joint session: PHOTMAT- BIOAPP

-        09:00-12:30 +14:00-17:00, Continuation of Joint session: ILAT – LEPP

-        17:00 – 18.30, Plenary session, Industry event (round table)

Posters shown at the buffet dinner place.

Friday May 12, 09:00-12:00: Individual JRA meetings (held in 4 rooms): organization of the 18 month report  + all other issues to be discussed within each JRA.

Information about venue, accommodation and registration available on the Laserlab webpage.

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