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Laserlab Workshop on Data Handling and Open Data, 7 March 2017, Berlin, Germany - Programme and reminder  


Announcement of the  "Laserlab workshop on data handling and open data" in the framework of the Network on Experiments and Operation (NEO), coordinated by Annie Klisnick,
 7 March 2017 - 10.30 am - 5 pm   at  Max Born Institute, Berlin, Germany


The workshop will give an introduction to what research data and data management are and to practical aspects of data publication by two external experts as well as examples from Laserlab partners regarding their experience with data handling and open data. In addition, the relevance and applicability within Laserlab will be discussed. The issue is becoming more and more important, especially in relation to EU-funded projects, as data management plans and open research data are mandatory in all calls for Horizon2020 from 2017.

Coordination within your lab for the participation in the workshop is encouraged. O one or two participants from each Laserlab facility, preferably someone who is or will be active in dealing with these topics in your institution, are expected.

Please, find below the preliminary programme of the upcoming Laserlab Workshop on Data Handling and Open Data.

20170307-data-workshop-draft.pdf (33 Ko)
S. Jubera, dépêche du 07/02/2017


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