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ACSIN-11 21-25/09/2009 : ACSIN-10 (Atomically Controlled Surfaces, Interfaces and Nanostructures)  

ACSIN-11ACSIN-11 (Atomically Controlled Surfaces, Interfaces and Nanostructures) will  be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, October 3-7th 2011. ACSIN-11 aims to present new concepts, techniques and applications of atomically controlled processes at surfaces, interfaces and nanostructures and is open for scientists and engineers in the fields of condensed matter physics, inorganic and organic chemistry, and biology. The conference will consist of invited and contributed papers during plenary, oral, and poster sessions.

Deadline for abstracts: 03/15/2011.

L. Barbier, dépêche du 11/03/2011


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