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AMARIS conf. 24-28/05/2010 Int. Conference: Nonlinear optics in Molecular media: from Information Technology to Life Sciences  

AMARIS conf.

The Molecular and Quantum Photonics Laboratory (LPQM) of Institut d'Alembert at ENS Cachan will organize the International Conference : "Nonlinear optics in Molecular media : from Information Technology to Life Sciences", May 24-28, 2010, on the campus of ENS Cachan.

The Conference will be devoted to the various aspects of molecular nonlinear optics in a widely pluridisciplinary perspective, from fundamental aspects of quantum optics and nonlinear optics, to the most recent applications in the domains of optical communications and biophotonics.

Focus of the program: frontiers between physics, chemistry and biology, and how Molecular Photonics offers multiple ways to cross them, through applications ranging from information technologies to molecular material science and biomedical technologies.

Main themes of the conference:
- Molecular and material engineering for nonlinear optics : from molecular synthesis to advanced material design.
- Theoretical aspects of light-matter interactions and Quantum Chemistry
- Nano- and biophotonics.
- Spectroscopy and manipulation of single objects
- Novel technologies for nano-patterning, nano-manipulation and nano-functionalization.
- Devices for optical signal processing. Chemical and biochemical sensors based on molecular materials in a microfluidic environment.

Special sessions devoted to:
- Science and Art
- Pedagogical issues of a multidisciplinary Education
- Industrial perspectives

Deadline for  submission of contributed talks and posters : March 31st.
Contacts : Isabelle LEDOUX-RAK, Conference Chair, Fabrice CHARRA and Cédric MAYER, Conference co-chairs.

L. Barbier, dépêche du 15/02/2010


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