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img 12-14 Nov. 2008 : Position Sensitive Detectors for Single Crystal Diffraction (PSD4SC)  
imgFirst Discussion Meeting concerning collection and treatment of data from “Position Sensitive Detectors for Single Crystal Diffraction (PSD4SC)” was held from 12th Nov to 14th Nov 2008 in hotel Relais de Courlande, Les Loges en Josas. It was organized and financially supported by Leon Brillouin Laboratory, CEA-CNRS. Among twenty attendees of the meeting, representatives from all major European neutron centres involved in Single Crystal Diffraction Studies were present. For coordination of further developments in these domains a Project Site has been created http://www.psd4sc.org/. This preliminary website primarily contains a report on the Relais de Courlande meeting and all the presentations. It will be transformed later (likely mid-december) in code repository and project wiki. A suggestion was made to organize the second PSD4SC meeting in 2009. The place and organizers will be determined later. Detailed program of the meeting. A short summary of the meeting can be found in the next file. PSD4SC-Summary.doc (26 Ko)


A. Menelle, dépêche du 05/11/2008


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