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Univ. Paris-Saclay
21-23 October 2008, Workshop : Magnetic tunnel junctions for very sensitive sensors. Abbey Les Vaulx de Cernay, France  
img21-23 October 2008 : Biomagsens workshop on magnetic tunnel junctions based advanced sensors. The workshop will be located in the beautiful Abbey "des Vaulx de Cernay", 30 kms south west of Paris. The aim of this workshop is to give an overview of recent advances on magnetic sensors based on magnetic tunnel junctions, with a particular focus on material optimization, design and noise reduction techniques. Three sessions will be devoted to applications of these sensors: one on biochips applications, one on biomagnetic applications and the last one on other applications like automotive or NDE. Registration is now opened on the website : http://biomagsensworkshop.free.fr/ The number of attendents is limited and priority will be given as function of inscription date. Poster or oral presentation is possible. A selection will be done in the first week of september.
jmoussy, dépêche du 23/07/2008


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