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Univ. Paris-Saclay
29/03-03/04/2009 European Workshop on Self-Organized Nanomagnets  
European Workshop on Self-Organized Nanomagnets, March 29th - April 3rd 2009, Aussois, France. - Magnetism in low-dimensional systems: Experiments and theory, individual and collective properties. - Spontaneous fabrication of nanomagnets: Supported and free-standing (e.g. in solution), physical as well as chemical routes. - Arrays and templated growth: including self-organized templates, combination of top-down and bottom-up (guided self-assembly), bio-inspired routes. - Molecular magnetism: quantum magnetism, photomagnetism, etc... - Advanced characterization techniques: structural and magnetic microscopies; spectroscopies; diffraction, scattering and holography, in-lab or large-scale instruments. - Nanomagnets in technology: Magnetic recording and spintronics, biology, medicine etc.
L. Barbier, dépêche du 10/07/2008


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