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ESRF Highlights 2007 : Self-organisation during a drying process for porous grains  
imgThe synthesis of ordered, homogeneous porous grains is an expanding area of materials research. One strategy for their formation is to dry the spray of a complex mixture containing nanoparticles and templating agents [1]. In this process, a continuous flow of micrometric droplets, made from the initial dilute solution, is dried along a hot tube in order to evaporate the solvent. Self-organisation of the constituents takes place during the evaporation. Organic moieties can even be removed via further calcination. The local structure of the final grains strongly depends on the initial compositions. Small-angle X-ray scattering can be used to investigate the ordered structural features of the final spray-dried grains at the nanometric scale. However, the morphology of the grains at a larger scale depends critically on the kinetics of drying. ... Lire la suite du Fait Marquant SCM... / Highlight SCM, more...
O. Tache, dépêche du 10/03/2008


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