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Poste en XPEEM à SOLEIL  
SOLEIL has an open position 2nd beamline scientist permanent in the X-PEEM group. The X-PEEM microscope developed for the Soft X-ray microscopy beamline at SOLEIL is devoted to low energy electron and X-PEEM microscopies. This experiment is presently installed on the Italian synchrotron ELETTRA (Nanospectroscopy beamline), before it final relocation at SOLEIL in 2010. The scientific program developed on the endstation, is specially focused on the surface/interface microscopy and magnetic imaging. The candidate has to develop his/her own research program in the scientific fields of surface chemistry/catalysis, giving priority to the use of the specific tools implemented on the beamline. Information on the position. Contact SOLEIL and application.
L. Barbier, dépêche du 21/06/2007


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