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img Grafting of polymers: PEGAS takeoff  
imgThe laboratory of Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces (LCSI) of the SPCSI recently developed a new process of polymer grafting on surfaces, named PEGAS (Procédé d’Enduction Généralisé Actif de Surfaces: Generalized process for active coating of surfaces). The PEGAS process allows the grafting of every polymers on every surfaces, conducting or not of electricity. In addition, the single step of the PEGAS process may be done in air or in aqueous phase and at ambient temperature, thus meeting the aim of a “green chemistry”. Thus, materials as varied as glass, Teflon, nanotubes of carbons but also all type of metals (gold, steel, titanium, iron, zinc, copper etc…) can be functionalized in a covalent way, whatever their form and their size are. The properties of chemical resistance and conformity of the grafted polymer films are equivalent to those obtained by electro-grafting (eG©), the process issued from our research team, which allowed the starting up of Alchimer in 2001. Numerous application would result for electronics, cars, protection against corrosion, textile, nanotechnologies, health etc... A new start-up project is under evaluation. (More...) Patents: FR 06 55653, FR 07 54278, FR 07 55356, FR 07 55659, FR 07 56182, deposited between December 2006 and May 2007. V. Mévellec, S. Roussel, L. Tessier, M. Mayne-L'Hermite, J. Chancolon, G. Deniau, P. Viel and S. Palacin, Chemistry of Materials 09/2007, in press.
G. Deniau, dépêche du 27/09/2007


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