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Fleur Leaves also fall in Amazonia!  
imgA team of scientists of the CEA (DSM and DSV), CNRS, Smithsonian Institute, and Peruvian and Bolivian research stations, recently published a monthly follow-up over several years of the leaf-area index (LAI) in three stations distributed on a climatic gradient of South America, in French Guiana, Peru and Bolivia. The leaf area index being a good indicator of the water and carbon exchanges with the atmosphere, climate models - in particular those developed at the CEA by the LSCE - will have to take this result into account. Lire la suite .... - Seasonal change in leaf area index at three sites along a south American latitudinal gradient, L. H. Emmons, P. Chatelet, L. Cournac, N. C. A. Pitman, V. Vilca, L.-F. del Aguila & M.-A. Dubois, ECOTROPICA 12 (2006) 87. (Retrieve this reference ). - Fast determination of light availability and leaf area index in tropical forests, L. Cournac, M.-A. Dubois, J. Chave & B. Riéra, J. Trop. Ecol. 18 (2002) 295–302. (Méthode récompensée par un Prix de l’Innovation Technologique de la DSM au CEA).
mdubois, dépêche du 29/03/2007


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