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magneto-transport properties measurement system
magneto-transport properties measurement system

Electrical transport properties measurement system under magnetic field made up of a double cryostat with liquid helium + liquid nitrogen.

This system (Quantum Design Company) makes it possible to measure the electrical transport properties under magnetic field (R(T); R(H, T)) between [-7 Teslas; +7 Teslas] of monocrystals, thin films or magnetic multilayers in the range of temperature [1.9K; 400 K]. Specificities of the magneto-transport system : - a longitudinal magnet of 7 Teslas. - cryogenics: a dewar with liquid helium (68 liters) + a dewar with liquid nitrogen (48 liters). - a primary pumping system. - a continuous control of the temperature between [1.9 K; 400 K]. - a sample holder allowing to measure 3 samples simultaneously. - a module of DC resistance in four probe configuration (range of resistance until approximately 4 megaohms). - a software of data acquisition (Labview 6).  
The sample holder (diameter 8 mm), made up of 12 pins, makes it possible to measure simultaneously three samples (in 4 probe configuration). We currently develop another module of transport (via the interfacing of Keithley supply) allowing to work in a range of higher resistance.  
magneto-transport properties measurement system

Image of the sample chamber.

magneto-transport properties measurement system

Attachment setup of the sample holder in the sample chamber.

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