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Archaeological experiment on medieval minting process
A. Arles, F. Téreygeol, P. Piccardo*
Archaeological experiment on medieval minting process

Experimentals coins

Following the excavations of a royal mint in La Rochelle (Charente Maritime, France), an important quantity of material related to the production of currencies was brought to light. Part of this corpus is the subject of an archeometric study to determine the manufacturing process of currency in the 16th century, thanks to a comparison of historical texts with archaeological artefacts. Some preliminary results yield to set up a protocol of reconstitution of the process at the archaeological experimental platform in Melle (Deux Sèvres, France). Such an approach is interesting to think about the work of the matter, the unvoiced comments of texts and allows the validation of some assumptions. First results enable refining the knowledge of the process. * Laboratoire de métallurgie, Université de Gênes, Italie

#328 - Màj : 31/07/2014


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