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SPEC research collaborations

SPEC is involved in many collaborations within the CEA as well as at the national and international levels. Here are examples of our past and present collaboration research projects.

  1. Within CEA
    1. Matter Science Division (DSM)
      • IRFU (Astrophysics): Turbulence in interstellar matter, elaboration of phase contrast mirrors for infrared spectrometers
      • IPhT (Theory): Glassy matter, dynamo, etc.
      • LSCE (Climatology): models inspired by statistical physics
    2. Life Science Division (DSV): renaturation of DNA fragments at interfaces
    3. Technological Research Division (DRT)
      • "Chimtronics" and "Nanoscience" programs link basic and applied science in quantum and molecular electronics
    4. Defense Research Division (DAM): NRBC (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical risks) program: magnetic and nanotube sensors

  2. National and International Collaborations
    1. Numerous joint research projects with CNRS and University laboratories.
    2. "Groupements de Recherche" (GDR)
    3. Regional research programs such as "C'nano", "ISC-IdF" (Institute for Complex Systems of Ile-de-France) and "RTRA-Triangle de la Physique".
    4. Involved in a dozen of international collaboration projects via the 6th and 7th European Framework Program (FP6, FP7). 

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