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Innovation at Licsen

LICSEN is very much involved in various forms of valorization of its research activities. This results in the filing of patents, the development of bilateral projects with industrial partners, joint laboratories with SMEs and contributions to the creation of startup.

Ongoing European and French projects and training networks involving industrial partners:

European project PEGASUS (PEMFC based on platinum group metal free structured cathodes) coordinated by CEA-LITEN (Grenoble) and involving Heraeus Fuel Cells Gmbh, EWII Fuel Cells A/S and Toyota Motor Europe. (Grenoble). Learn more about the project here. (contact Licsen: Bruno Jousselme).
European ITN network ESCALED (European School on Artificial Leaf : Electrodes Devices) coordinated by Université de Pau and involving Solaronix and Riva Gmbh Batteries. Learn more about the ITN here. (contact Licsen: Bruno Jousselme).
European ITN network SENTINEL (Single-Entity NanoElectrochemistry) coordinated by University of Leeds and Keysight Technologies Gmbh, Elements SRL, Biologics and more. Learn more about the ITN here. (contact Licsen: Renaud Cornut).
ANR project BRICAPAC (Polymères et composites bactériostatiques pour l’élaboration d’emballages actifs) coordinated at Licsen by Géraldine Carrot and involving Bollore and Charal . Learn more about the  project here. (contact Geraldine Carrot).
ANR project 4WATER (For WATER Quality Monitoring) coordinated at CEA and involving Hemera Analyzers. Learn more about the project here and here (contact Licsen Jean-Christophe Gabriel).
ANR project 2D-ON-DEMAND (van der Waals heterostructures of 2D materials with on-demand band-structure) coordinated at CEA and involving Thales RT. Learn more about the project here (contact Licsen Vincent Derycke).
 Accueil CIFRE PhD thesis of Yuemin Deng (Extraction liquide-liquide en milieu supercritique et desextraction associée), from the company ECOLOGIC. PhD advisor Jean-Christophe Gabriel


Recently finished projects involving industrial partners:

ANR project PHOTON'INK (Recuit photonique alternatif pour les encres cuivre) coordinated at CentraleSupelec and involving Kelenn Technology Learn more about the project here.(contact Licsen Fanny Hauquier).
ANR Labcom MESTREL with Protec Industrie (Laboratoire de traitement de surface des métaux) coordinated at LICSEN. Learn more about the project here. (contact Guy Deniau)
ANR project NANOEXTRACT (Traitement d’effluents liquides industriels par extractants nanofibres hautes performances) coordinated by Ekaterina Shilova from AJELIS. Learn more about the project here. (contact Licsen Pascal Viel)

Recent  industrial partnerships :


Start-up created in 2015

New generation of sorbent materials for the selective recovery of pollutants and strategic metals in industrial effluents

Nouvelle génération de matériaux sorbants pour la récupération sélective de polluants et de métaux stratégiques dans les effluents industriels

ANR labcom joint laboratory 2015-2019

Metal surface treatments for the aerospace industry

Traitements de surfaces métalliques pour l'industrie aéronautique

Joint laboratory 2012-2019

Intraocular implants with surface treatment capable of inhibiting cell proliferation leading to secondary cataract

Implants intra-oculaires revêtus d’un traitement capable d’inhiber la prolifération cellulaire à l'origine de la cataracte secondaire

Joint laboratory 2015-2018

Design and production of printable solutions for electronics

Conception et production de solutions imprimables pour l’électronique


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