Sofockle laser system and post-compression setup

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The Attophysics group operates the Sofockle laser system which delivers pulses of wavelength 0.8 µm, duration 40 fs, energy 700 µJ with a repetition rate 3 kHz. A post-compression optical bench was implemented in order to reach pulse durations of 10 fs with energy 200 µJ.  In addition to experiments of the Attophysics group, the laser system is used by other groups from LIDYL and from Université Paris-Saclay. In particular, the large bandwidth of the compressed pulses at 10 fs allowed us to generate tunable pulses in the 375430 nm range with pulse duration smaller than 50 fs for COLTRIMS experiments performed by D. Dowek and coworkers (ISMO, Université Paris-Saclay).

Collaborations: LIDYL-DICO, LIDYL-PHI, ISMO (Université Paris-Saclay)

#2982 - Last update : 10/03 2018

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