Hybrid organic-inorganic structures

Hybrid organic-inorganic structures are a new class of materials that combine the advantages of organic and inorganic systems. Among these materials, hybrid perovskites are currently attracting an enormous interest. This new research program aims to examine in detail the ultrafast photophysical processes occurring in hybrid perovskites using the combination of femtosecond luminescence up-conversion and two-dimensional (2D) electronic spectroscopy. This project is supported by an ANR ACHN grant (2016-2019) coordinated by Elsa Cassette.

A PhD student, Carolina Villamil-Franco, co-directed by Drs. Thomas Gustavsson and Elsa Cassette is working on this subject (2017-2020).


Figure 2. Principle and schematic view of a two-dimensional (2D) electronic spectroscopy measurement in the "boxcar" configuration. Also shown are typical "2D-plots" correlating the excitation and detection frequencies, showing the presence of off-diagonal coupling terms.


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