Experiments and simulation to observe track structures and elevated dose rate effects in water radiolysis by electrons and heavy ions. Nuclear and Radiation Therapy applications.

Laboratoire Interactions, Dynamiques et Lasers (LIDYL)

Groupe Dynamique Interaction en phase COndensée (DICO)

CEA Paris-Saclay, Orme des Merisiers, Building 701

91191 Gif sur Yvette, France


Dernière MàJ : 30 Juin 2022


Researcher identifier:
tel.jpg +33 1 69 08 57 02


2004                HDR - PhD Student Supervising Ability

                        Chemistry Faculty, University of Paris 11, Orsay, France         

1994                PhD thesis:Femtochemistry: Relaxation of the geometry of molecules after light excitation in an excited electronic state”

                        Molecular Chemistry Faculty, University of Paris 11, Orsay, France

                        Supervisors: Dr Thomas Gustavsson and Dr Jean-Claude Mialocq       

1990                Master

                        Instrumentation/ University of Bordeaux 1, France

1990               Engineer degree: Physics and Chemistry

                      Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie et de Physique (ENSCPB), Bordeaux, France


2021 –             Research Director at CEA

2018 –             Group Leader – Dynamics and Interactions in COndensed phase (DICO)


2004 –             Senior expert at CEA; Interaction Radiation Matter of Saclay Institute (IRAMIS), CEA Saclay/ France

1994 –             Engineer – Researcher at CEA; Interaction Radiation Matter Institute in Saclay (IRAMIS), CEA Saclay/ France


2006 – 2007     JSPS Fellow, Professor Katsumura Laboratory/Tokyo University, Nuclear Engineering School/Japan (10 months)

1996 – 1996     Scholarship, Professor Jay-Gerin Laboratory, Sherbrooke University/Canada (3 months)

1991 – 1994     PhD Fellowship. Obtained 3 year CFR funding from CEA Saclay



2021 – 2025    I am co-supervising one PhD student (Jason Mill); Main supervisor: Pr. Dino Jaroszynki, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

2020 – 2023    I am supervising one PhD student (Julien Audouin) and a Master student per year; Chemistry Faculty/ Paris-Saclay University


2021 – 2022     Lecturer – EUGLOH-LAMELIS summer school “Laser in Medecine and Life Sciences” 

2016 – 2021     Lecturer – Radiobiologie University Diploma for Medical Doctors / Radiation protection,  Free Radicals and Antioxidants / Villejuif, Paris-Saclay University/ France

2016 – 2018     Lecturer – Master2 Cancérologie / ROS Chemistry / Villejuif, Paris-Saclay University / France

2011 – 2019     Lecturer – Master2 Biomaterials / Methodology in research / Reims University / France

2014 – 2016     Lecturer – Master1 Physics of Living Materials / UE Rayonnement et Radiobiologie / Paris-Descartes University / France

2013 – 2016     Lecturer – Master 2 SYVIC / Radiation Chemistry in Extreme Conditions / Lyon Claude Bernard University / France

2013 – 2016      Lecturer – Master 2 Radiochemistry, Radiations, Radiation protection and Radiation Chemistry in nuclear cycle / Nantes University / France


2021/11/11-12  Co-chair / Workshop NanoTheRad / 120 attendees (hybride conference) / Orsay / France

2019/04/19      Co-chair / 2nd Annual Conference NanoTheRad / 50 attendees / ISMO / Orsay / France

2018/01/11      Co-chair / 1st Annual Conference NanoTheRad / 50 attendees / SOLEIL / St Aubin / France

2017/09/18-22 Chair / Summer school « Chimie sous Rayonnement et Radiochimie » / 41 attendees / Oléron / France

2011/11/14-15  Conference on Radiation Chemistry : Marie Curie’s Heritage / 70 attendees / Paris « Maison de la Chimie » / France

2010/06/26-28  15th JECR / 110 attendees / Bordeaux « Celliers des Chartrons » / France

2008/11/12-14  Winter school on Radiolysis / CEA Formation framework / 50 attendees / Domaine du Manet – Chateau fort en Yveline / France


2008 -              Journées d’Etudes de Chimie sous Rayonnement et maintenant (JECR and now R3C)

2013 - 2015     Asia Pacific Symposium of Radiation Chemistry


2020 –             Institut des Sciences de la Lumière, Sterring Committee, University Paris-Saclay / France

2019            iNanoTheRad program, co-Director, University Paris-Saclay / France


2021 –             Treasury, Member, Subdivision of Radiation Chemistry and Radiochemistry, Chemical Physics Division/ French Chemistry Society/ France

2016 – 2021    Founding President, Member, Subdivision of Radiation Chemistry and Radiochemistry, Chemical Physics Division/ French Chemistry Society/ France


Pr. Dino Jaroszynki, Dosimetry of Laser Wakefield Electron Accelerator, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

GEANT4-DNA international collaboration ( steering committee member / chemistry activity

Pr. Frederick Currell, CLARA accelerator beamtime sharing for exploiting femtosecond electron pulses, Dalton Cumbria Facility, University of Manchester / UK

Pr. Merhan Mostafavi, ELYSE picosecond electron accelerator – Extreme conditions of temperature in radiation chemistry, Institut de Chimie Physique, University Paris-Saclay

Pr. Yosuke Katsumura, Heavy ion water radiolysis, HIMAC irradiations, University of Tokyo, Japan

10 relevant publications (h-index: 23)

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