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On the Persistence of Entanglement in Relativistic Quantum Field Theory
Université du Maryland
Lundi 02/02/2009, 14:15
SPhT Bât 774 Salle C. Itzykson,, Orme des Merisiers
The purpose of this talk is to investigate the nature of entanglement in relativistic quantum field theory. Specifically, I will raise the question whether or not adding relativistic constraints to quantum mechanics makes entangled correlations stronger. I will define a notion of "entanglement between algebras" and argue that it naturally applies to both ordinary quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. This puts one in a position to compare the behaviour of entangled states in the relativistic and in the non-relativistic case. I will then show that entanglement is more robust in a relativistic context. In particular, I will develop a result by Clifton and Halvorson (2001) claiming that entanglement in quantum field theory would persist, no matter how one acts locally.
Contact : agrinbau


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