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Jean-Louis PICHARD

Service de Physique de l'Etat Condensé (SPEC)

Groupe Modélisation et Théorie (GMT)

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Ingénieur Supelec, Docteur es Sciences Physiques (Université Paris-Sud).

Theorist at CEA-Saclay since 1977. 

Professor PAST at Université de Cergy-Pontoise (2002-2005)

Deputy Head of SPEC (2006-2010).

CEA Research Director

Head of GMT group.

Sujets de recherche

  1. 1977-1986:  Electron localization in disordered systems. Numerical studies of the inverse localization length in 2d strips and 3d bars. Electrical conductance in terms of the radial parameters of the multiplicative transfer matrix. Finite size scaling and extrapolations to the 2d limit (power law localization in weakly disordered 2d systems) and to the 3d limit (metal-insulator transition). Calculation of the critical exponent using phenomenological renormalization. Scaling theory of the disordered chain.
  2. 1987-1994: Mesoscopic conductance fluctuations in disordered metals (universal conductance fluctuations) and in disordered insulators (log-normal fluctuations). Random Matrix Theory of Quantum Transport. Maximum Entropy Approach to Conductance Fluctuations. Universal changes of the localization length upon breaking time reversal symmetry and spin rotation symmetry.Theory of random multiplicative transfer-matrices and its implications for quantum transport.
  3. 1994-1998:  Universal signatures of quantum chaos in ballistic transport, Quantum interference and the spin orbit interaction in mesoscopic normal-superconducting junctions, Brownian-motion ensembles and parametric correlations of the transmission eigenvalues. Delocalization of certain two-particle states by short range interactions in Anderson insulators. Level statistics and localization for two interacting particles in a random potential. From the Fermi glass towards the Mott insulator in one dimension: Delocalization and strongly enhanced persistent currents.
  4. 1998-2004: New quantum phase between the Fermi glass and the Wigner crystal in two dimensions.  Andreev-Lifshitz supersolid for a few electrons on small periodic square lattices. Effect of a lattice upon an interacting system of electrons in two dimensions: Breakdown of scaling and decay of persistent currents. Residual conductance of correlated one-dimensional nanosystems. Critical quantum chaos and the one-dimensional Harper model.
  5. 2004-2010: Interacting electron systems between Fermi leads: effective one-body transmissions and correlation clouds, Effect of measurement probes upon the conductance of an interacting nanosystem, Scanning gate microscopy of a nanostructure where electrons interact,  Scattering approach to quantum transport and many body effects, Universal scaling of the quantum conductance of an inversion-symmetric interacting model.
  6. 2010-2015: Thermal Enhancement of Interference Effects in Quantum Point Contacts, The embedding method beyond the single-channel case. Thermoelectric transport in mesoscopic systems, Delay-time and thermopower distributions at the spectrum edges of a chaotic scatterer, Gate-modulated thermopower in disordered nanowires, Using activated transport in arrays of parallel disordered nanowires for energy harvesting and hot spot cooling.


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