ICONIC training School

6-11 June 2011, Association Reille
75014 PARIS


Please click on this link to see the program : Schedule[update May 30th]

Please click on this link to see the program : Agenda for Midterm Review

SpeakersProvisional title
Lecture IAlberto BeswickVector correlations and polarization in molecular photofragmentation
Lecture IILaurent NahonPhotoelectron Circular Dichroism induced by VUV synchrotron radiation on gas phase chiral systems
Lecture IIIGustavo GarciaIon/Electron Coincident Velocity Map Imaging: Technology and Scientific Applications
Lecture IVDanielle DowekMolecular Frame Photoemission: A sensitive probe of photoionization dynamics and related physics
Lecture VOlivier GobertWavelenght tunability with femtosecond lasers
Lecture VIPascal SalièresGeneration of attosecond pulses in atoms and aligned molecules
Lecture VIIDaniel NeumarkSpectroscopy and Dynamics of Excess Electrons in Clusters
Lecture VIIIKopin LiuImaging the steric effects in a pre-aligned polyatomic reaction
Lecture IXDaniel Neumark Ultrafast X-ray Science with Femtosecond and Attosecond Pulses

Lab ProjectsTitle
LP1SaclayBenoît SoepIntermolecular binding energy probed by ion imaging
LP2SaclayGiovanni PianiTime-resolved dynamics of deposited molecules
LP3SaclayPierre BillaudVector Correlations experiment at SLIC
LP4OrsayBruno LucasStudying UV photodissociation dynamics of small protonated biomolecules with vector correlation of all photofragments
LP5OrsayChristophe BlondelPhotoelectron microscopy
LP6OrsayDaniel ComparatCold molecule generation yield as probed by ionization
LP7OrsayPhilippe RoncinOperational test of homemade compact time and position sensitive detector
LP8SoleilGustavo GarciaDemonstrating the versatility of the DELICIOUS II VMI-MSTOF electron/ion coincidence spectrometer through simple systems
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