Journée Benoît SOEP
Benoît Soep day

12 Mars 2010

12 Mars 2010

Schedule / Programme

Confirmed speakers / Conférenciers confirmés

08h30-09h10Coffe / Café
09h20-10h00Daniel NeumarkUltrafast dynamics in molecules and clusters
10h10-10h35Anne Zehnacker-RentienChirality and stereochemistry effects in the photoreactivity of aromatic beta-aminoalcohols
10h45-11h15Coffe Break / Pause café
11h15-11h35Minh-Huong Ha-Thi Ultrafast electronic relaxation of excited states of iron protoporphyrins in the gas phase
11h40-12h00Majdi Hochlaf Electronic states of MgO: Spectroscopy, pre-dissociation and cold atomic Mg production
12h15-13h30Lunch / déjeuner
13h30-14h00Coffe / Café
14h00-14h25Dave Parker Molecular Oxygen Photochemistry
14h35-14h55Eric Gloaguen Isolated peptides and their hydrated complexes investigated by IR/UV spectroscopy
15h00-15h20Arne Keller Entanglement with polar molecules
15h30-16h00Coffe Break / Pause café
16h00-16h25Claus Peter Schulz Alkali doped water clusters: spectroscopy and dynamics
16h35-16h55Florent Calvo A theoretical perspective on IR spectroscopy of polyatomic molecules in the gas phase: How quantum are the nuclei?
17h00-17h20Christophe Jouvet Excited state of protonated molecules
17h30Cloture / Buffet


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