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Transfer of technology at IRAMIS

IRAMIS reinforces its development strategy and transfer of technology, combining the earliest possible stage actors in the chain for technology transfer: venture capitalists, industrialists, consultants and other divisions of the CEA.

To date, the Institute has:

• A portfolio of more than 100 patents, including 15 licensing contracts.
• An outreach program for doctoral students, postdocs and young scientists to industry research and technology transfer.
• A program for identifying the makings of "spinoff".
• More than twenty industrial contracts...

Sheets of transfer of technology (in french)

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December 2017

New anti-bacterial TiO2 / hybrides


  • Synthesis of doped nanoparticules
  • Usable in multiple applications such as health, bacteriology or cosmetics
  • Synthesis under mild conditions T < 100 ° C

September 2017

New TiO2 / hybrid synthesis


  • Synthesis of nanoparticles in the "rutile" stable form
  • Doped TiO 2 for photoactivation in UV and visible light
  • Synthesis under mild conditions T < 100 ° C

June 2017

Photo-crosslinkable fluorescent molecules


  • Insoluble films after UV illumination
  • Film with excellent optical properties and low roughness
  • High photoluminescence yield after photo-polymerization

May 2017

Composite electrolyte membrane for electrochemical devices


  • Improve the ionic conductivity of electrolytes
  • Lithium-polymer or ionic liquid batteries
  • Liquid polymer electrolyte at ambient temperature


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