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Sujet de stage / Master 2 Internship

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Using radical processes, scavengers and fluorescence spectroscopy to act as distant alpha dosimetry. Application to advanced radiation therapy.

Contact: BALDACCHINO Gerard, , gerard.baldacchino@cea.fr, +33 1 69 08 57 02
This intership consists in detecting and interpreting fluorescence light coming from molecules in interaction with free radicals coming from the alpha radiolysis process. Experiments will be performed using plasma jets mimicking alpha rays effects. Comparisons of different systems will aim at the dose measurement at long distance (few tens of cm).
Possibility of continuation in PhD: Oui
Deadline for application:27/03/2020

Full description:
In the frame of NanoTheRad multipartner project (IRS Paris-Saclay, phase 2) the use of molecular fluorescent probes are
in the core of processus allowing the improving and personalizing of hadrontherapy cancer treatments.
Hadrontherapy and alpha immuno therapy use low penetrating or focused rays and make difficult their detection especially in realtime (during rays exposition during treatment). This internship should allow the clarification of chemical processes under different modalities of irradiation by using non toxic molecules like ADHP. Modalities gather extreme
dose rates, high LET (linear energy transfer) particles or cold plasma jet mimicking alpha rays effects at surface of water solution. These modalities will be approached with several partnership in University Paris Saclay (LPGP, Institut Curie, ISMO). Comparisons will be performed aiming at measuring the dose at long distance, a few tens of cm.
Technics/methods used during the internship:
Fluorescence and absorption spectroscopies Laser induced fluorescence Fast spectroscopy Cold plasma Alpha rays

Tutor of the internship


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