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CNRS Research Scientist (since 1993)

CEA Saclay, IRAMIS, NIMBE UMR 3685, LEDNA, 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette, France

Laboratoire Laboratoire Edifices Nanométriques (LEDNA)

tel.jpg +33/1 69 08 62 83

Publication Profils : ∎ Google scholar   ∎ ResearchGate   ∎ ISI Web of Science

Research Interests : Light-Matter Interaction, Nanosciences


[2008 - present] ∎ Gold Nanostructures for Plasmonics and Medecine


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Plasmonic nanoparticles (NP) behave as nanosources of light, heat and charge carriers. Their morphology is a key parameter because the ultra-fast deactivation of plasmon takes place following competitive relaxation paths, whose relative weight depends on the morphology of NP and its environment. Gold nanohybrids (AuNP/chromophore) have a strong technical and societal impact. They are linked to energy, environment and health, in particular cancer therapy (*HEPPROS project) through the generation of reactive oxygen species (R. O. S) and heat.

Our activities focus on the synthesis and assembly of high quality gold nanoparticles, with various sizes and shapes, in order to provide suitable materials for research in Plasmonics, Medical and plasmon-induced nanochemistry. These nanostructures are studied in collaboration with teams of experts to discover unexpected properties.

GRANTS (past and present):

[2013-2016] ANR blanc HAPPLE project with part. 1, 2, 3
[2014-2015] DIM Nano-K

COSSMET project with part. 4

[2018-2020] Plan Cancer HEPPROS project with part. 2, 5






1- R. Bachelot, P.M. Adam, J. Plain, LNIO, Troyes

2-L. Douillard, C. Fiorini, F. Charra, CEA Saclay, IRAMIS/SPEC UMR 3680  CEA-CNRS

3- O. Soppera, IS2M, Mulhouse

4- E. Le Moal, E. Boer-Duchemin, G. Dujardin, ISMO, Orsay

5- B. Palpant, CentraleSupelec / R. Pansu, ENS / G. Bousquet, APHP


 [1988 -2008] ∎ Photophysics and Photochemistry


At the interface between optical spectroscopy and quantum chemistry

We have studied many photoinduced reactions such as fluorescence, the formation of triplet states, energy transfer, electron transfer (Marcus theory), the formation of T. I. C. T. states, photoisomerization, photoconductivity, photocatalysis, photoionization, UV damages of DNA, excitonic states, solvatochromism by combining time-resolved spectroscopy and quantum chemistry. (P. Millié, D. Markovitsi, T. Gustavsson, J.C. Mialocq,..)


Recent publications within the HAL-CEA database.

Curriculum Vitae :

1997 6 months as visiting scientist in Pr. M. A. El-Sayed’s group, Atlanta, USA (CdS Qdots)
1993 Postdoctoral research, Dr Pedi Neta, N.I.S.T., Washington DC, USA (Radical Chemistry, Pulse Radiolysis)

Ph.D in Molecular-Physics and Chemistry, University of Paris-Sud, Orsay, France

1988 Engineer in Chemistry Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Mulhouse, France
1966 Born Besançon, France









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