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Les stages


Title Education level Speciality Deadline Duration Unit
“Fine structure” of a superconducting circuit: Manipulation of the spin of a single electron Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Low temperatures, low-noise and microwave measurements, nanofabrication.

04/04/2020 6 mois SPEC/GQ
Magnetotactic bacteria in a micro-container Bac+5


Photolithography, Soft-lithography, microfluidics, cells culture, optical microscopy (epifluorescence and confocal)

30/04/2020 5 mois NIMBE/LIONS
Smart concretes incorporating carbon nanotubes Bac+5


Synthèse CVD, MEB, ATG, mesures des densité, viscosité, nanoindentation

13/05/2020 6 mois NIMBE/LEDNA
Caractérisation spatio-temporelle ‘single-shot’ d’impulsions laser femtosecondes par propagation dans un milieu diffusant Bac+5


Optique, spectroscopie, traitement de signal

07/05/2020 4 mois LIDYL/PHI
Controlled growth of aligned carbon nanotubes on metal supports for application to energy storage Bac+5

Chimie des matériaux

CVD, SEM, TEM, TGA, Raman, electrochemistry

16/04/2020 6 mois NIMBE/LEDNA
Excited states deactivation in model proteins chains: Non-adiabatic dynamics and ab initio methods Bac+4/5

Physique moléculaire

During the course, the candidate will be trained in methods calculating excited states as well as to use quantum chemistry softwares: Turbomole (CC2 and ADC(2) methods) and NEWTON-X (Non-adiabatic dynamics).

03/04/2020 4 mois LIDYL/SBM
Physicochemical description of pearl oyster biocrystallization Bac+5

Chimie minérale

Titration, optical microscopy, Raman/ IR spectromicroscopy, cryo-TEM

21/04/2020 4 mois NIMBE/LIONS
Material magnetic propeties study with a magnetic microscope and simulations Bac+4/5


Ferromagnetic materials Scanning probe microscope Magnetic sensors

10/04/2020 6 mois SPEC/LNO
Etude et intégration de nanocomposites TiO2/graphène au sein de dispositifs photovoltaïques pérovskites Bac+5


mesure de performances photovoltaiques

07/05/2020 6 mois NIMBE/LEDNA
Theoretical study of graphene electrodes for Molecular Electronics Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Density Functional Theory (DFT), Green Keldysh formalism for non-equilibrium transport, tight-binding model

26/04/2020 4 mois SPEC/GMT
The Hong Ou Mandel experiment in graphene Bac+5

Physique théorique, mécanique quantique

- Nanofabrication - Ultra low temperature (10mK) - High magnetic field (10T) - Low noise measurements (DC,RF)

11/04/2020 6 mois SPEC/GNE
N doped BaTiO3 multifunctionnal thin films for opto-electronics and energy transition Bac+5

Physique des matériaux

The candidate will address the UHV techniques associated with the growth by molecular beam epitaxy. The techniques that will be used are Reflexion High Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED), Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES), Photoemission core level spectroscopy (XPS), Piezo Force Microscopy (PFM), Low Energy Electron microscopy (LEEM), a photoelectrocatalytic water-splitting setup, and eventually magnetic measurements (VSM), lithography (at C2N) and X-ray diffraction.

30/04/2020 5 mois SPEC/LNO
Functionalization and assembly of gold nanoparticles for plasmonics and nanomedicine. Bac+4/5


Chimie colloïdale et chimie sol-gel. Microscopies électroniques MEB et TEM. Spectroscopie d'extinction.

15/04/2020 6 mois NIMBE/LEDNA
13 nm high order harmonic generation for nanometer scale resolution lensless imaging Bac+5


Impulsions laser femtosecondes, Génération d'harmoniques

07/05/2020 4 mois LIDYL/ATTO
Nickelates: a new superconducting oxide family Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Thin films will be deposited by pulsed laser ablation (PLD). Structural and physical properties will be studied by in situ electron diffraction (RHEED), photo-emission spectroscopy (XPS/UPS) or ex situ techniques such as near field microspcopy (AFM), magnetism (SQUID, VSM). The electronic properties of the samples will be studied as a function of temperature (resistivity, Hall coefficient, current - voltage characteristics) in order to analyze the superconducting behaviour.

30/04/2020 4 mois SPEC/LNO
Microwave manipulation of fractional charges (anyons) of the Quantum Hall Effect Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

microwaves, cryogénie, nanofabrication

29/05/2020 4 mois SPEC/GNE
Polymer and hybrid nano-objects under irradiation Bac+4/5


Polymer synthesis, organic chemistry, SEC, UV and FTIR spectroscopies, TGA, light scattering, etc...

30/04/2020 6 mois NIMBE/LICSEN
Self-sustained meniscus oscillation in a capillary caused by evaporation/condensation: pulsating heat pipe Bac+3

Mécanique des fluides

30/04/2020 3 mois SPEC/SPHYNX
Peut-on simuler le climat sur un ordinateur portable ? Bac+5


Le cœur de ce stage est numérique, mais des développements théoriques sur théorie de la turbulence via le formalisme multi-fractal et les ondelettes pourront être effectués.

03/04/2020 4 mois SPEC/SPHYNX
Water photo-electrolysis assisted by a perovskite ferroelectric layer Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Auger, XPS, Photo-electrochemistry

30/07/2020 6 mois SPEC/LNO
Taking up the challenge of the glass transition by optical manipulations of molecules. Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

30/06/2020 4 mois SPEC/SPHYNX
Probing Kinetic Inductance Fluctuations in Superconducting Nanoresonators Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Numerical simulation, nanofabrication, cryogenics, microwave measurements

29/04/2020 4 mois SPEC/GQ
Thermally charging ionic supercapacitor with vertically aligned carbon nanotube (VACNT) electrodes Bac+5

Physique des matériaux

Thermoelectric property characterization Electrochemical measurements (CV, impedance) VACNT electrode synthesis Electrode characterizations (SEM, XPS and TEM)

05/05/2020 5 mois SPEC/SPHYNX
Bacteriostatic polymer surfaces Bac+4/5


Polymer chemistry, FTIR, size-exclusion chromatography, contact angle, microscopy, profilometry, XPS

30/04/2020 6 mois NIMBE/LICSEN
Synthèse et caractérisation de nanoparticules de carbure de molybdène Bac+5


Pyrolyse laser, microscopies, DRX, ATG

07/05/2020 6 mois NIMBE/LEDNA
Electron tunneling time and its fluctuations Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Ultra-low noise DC and RF electrical measurements microwave design - Clean-room fabrication of nanostructured semiconducting circuits - Cryogenics

30/05/2020 6 mois SPEC/GNE


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