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Various news in connection with CANS (Compact Accelerator neutron Source) logo_tutelle logo_tutelle 

July 2019

  • The LLB is organizing the UCANS-8 conference in Paris, 


April 2019

The IPHI - Neutron 7kW set-up has been completed. The first 1kW of power has been sent on the target on April 5th.

Status_April2019.JPG (464×694)

February 2019

A beam profiler has been installed before the target. I allows tuning the optics to optimize the beam spread over the target.
Horizontal and vertical beam profiles before and after tuning.

BeamProfiles.jpg (700×552)

December 2018

The first proton beam has been sent on the Target Be_V2_7kW.

Shape of the proton beam on the target vizualized with a scintillator for peak currents of 10mA and 60mA. The illuminated area is about 50mm across. The beam power was limited to about 10W to avoid damaging the scintillator.


October 2018




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