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Copper anode in a X-rays generator.

x-rays, electromagnetic radiation beyond the remote ultraviolet ray, cover a range wavelength around the tenth of nanometer. This distance is about the distance between atoms in the condensed matter. The diffraction of x-rays thus makes it possible to probe the matter, and to obtain information on the structure, the order and the composition of materials.  

Last update : 07/22 2005 (507)

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X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) The EA 125 HR is a dedicated high performance hemispherical electron spectrometer combining ultimate resolution and high count rate.Besides, a multi-technique x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy with XPS-mapping capability (Kratos) installed in ... More »
N. Métrich, J. Susini*, E. Foy, D. Massare, F. Farges **, L. Sylla, S. Lequien, M. Bonnin-Mosbah+
ΣΞIron and sulfur may be considered as the couple of elements buffering the redox state of magmas during their ascent from Earth’s mantle to the surface. However, the in-situ determination of both the redox state of magmas and the relative variation of the [Fe3+/(Fe3++Fe2+)] atomic ... More »


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