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UMR 3680 - Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics (SPEC)

Welcome to SPEC!

We are the Condensed Matter Physics laboratory of IRAMIS (Saclay Institute for Radiation and Matter), a part of the French National Atomic Energy Commission (CEA: Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique) in Saclay, France.

SPEC is "Unité Mixte de Recherche" with the CNRS : UMR 3680.

At SPEC, we strive to be at the forefront of fundamental Condensed Matter Physics Research. Our research interests encompass a wide variety of subject matters ranging from nano-to macro-scopic scales and from the most fundamental aspects of science to applications, patents and technology transfer.

Director: François Daviaud

Deputy Directors: Patrice Roche and Céline Fiorini.

Research Activities

The SPEC is organized in 8 groups with scientific activities developing along 6 main research themes. To find out more please visit our research themes page and/or click on groups of your interests found below.

Labs in SPEC

  • Laboratoire d'Etude des NanoStructures et Imagerie de Surface (LENSIS)
  • Laboratoire de Cryogénie (LC)
  • Laboratoire d'Electronique et nanoPhotonique Organique (LEPO)
  • Laboratoire Nano-Magnétisme et Oxydes (LNO)
  • Laboratoire des Interfaces et Surfaces d'Oxydes (LISO)
  • Systèmes Physiques Hors-équilibre, hYdrodynamique, éNergie et compleXité (SPHYNX)
  • Groupe Modélisation et Théorie (GMT)
  • Groupe NanoElectronique (GNE)
  • Groupe Quantronique (GQ)

Scientific and Technological Collaborations

SPEC is involved in many collaborations, within the CEA and at the national and international levels: examples of our past and present collaboration research projects.



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