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Scientific thematics : Dynamic and structural properties in confined geometry Dynamic and mecanism of protein folding (spectrometers 7C2, Paxe, Mibemol, Muses)
The activities of the group are : reflectivity, stress and texture determination (spectrometers Eros, Prism, Diane, 6T1)
This scientific axis covers the activities related to the research in materials science and more generally in hetero-systems (i.e., interfaces, alloys, composites materials, and confined systems).
Scientific interests in the group : structural and magnetic phase transitions. (spectrometers 3T2, G41, G61)
Scientific activities are liked to multiferroïcs, thin films magnetism and molecular magnetism. (Spectrometers 5C1, 5C2, 6T2)
Polymers and colloids are the main fields of interest of the group (spectrometers TPA, Pace, Paxy, Papyrus )
In the field of soft matter, many complex new systems are flourishing. The emergence of these newfound capabilities, many of which marry different technologies and components, and work at the nanometer scale (1-100 nm) has become a major current trend.
This scientific axis encompasses research activities on a large variety of magnetic and/or strongly correlated electron systems.
Scientific thematics of the group are : heavy fermions High temperature superconductors Multiferroics (spectrometers 1T, 2T, 3T1, 4F1, 4F2, G43) Group members.


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