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Systèmes Physiques Hors-équilibres hYdrodynamiques éNergie et compleXité
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Welcome / Bienvenue au SPHYNX

out-of-equilibrium Systems and Physics - HYdrodynamics -  eNergy and compleXity

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The SPHYNX team / L'équipe SPHYNX


SPHYNX, created in January 2012, consists of 18 permanent researchers, engineers and technicians from CEA and CNRS. Our active research efforts encompass a wealth of multidisciplinary characters; theoretical, numerical and experimental, to studyphysical systems that are far from equilibrium.

Statistical physics of equilibrium systems provides today a well-established framework for classical thermodynamics. However, most 'real world' systems found in condensed matter, biology, natural or industrial macrocosms are out-of-equilibrium, either because of the presence of external forcing or because they cannot relax back to equilibrium. These systems are often non-linear, disordered and/or complex and present emerging properties of their own.

The goal of SPHYNX is to gather researchers working on different objects but using common tools, those of the statistical physics to tackle the same challenge, that of complexity. Our current research subjects focus on the following domains:


Nos thèmes de recherche :


Contact: Daniel Bonamy (Responsable du SPHYNX)


#214 - Last update : 12/04 2020
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2015 SPHYNX Publications : 2015   Publications
IMAFMP Publications : IMAFMP   Publications
Matière Active - Matière Granulaire / Active matter - Granular matter : Matière active : Modélisation d’expériences in vivo Classes d’universalité Interactions non décomposables en paires Equations continues Nouveaux modèles Renormalisation non perturbative Criticalité auto-organisée Voisinages non métriques Matière granulaire : Interaction particules-fluide en rotation. Méca. Stat.
SPHYNX Publications : 2016   Publications
Spontaneous Onset of Collective Motion! : ( Version française)   Julien Deseigne and Olivier Dauchot, researchers in the Group of Instabilities and Turbulence at IRAMIS-SPEC have revealed experimentally the spontaneous onset of collective motion in a system of vibrated  self-propelled circular disks. The emergence of such an order is remarkable because it should only exist in a system made of intrinsically out-of-equilibrium components.


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