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Oct 06, 2020
Understanding how spins orient and can be manipulated at very fast, pico and femtosecond scales has implications for ultra-fast, low-power data processing and storage applications. An international research team, to which Jean-Eric Wegrowe of the Irradiated Solids Laboratory contributes, is experimentally demonstrating the intrinsic dynamics of inertial spin in ferromagnetic thin films, in the form of nutation of magnetization at a frequency of ~0.5 THz.
Feb 22, 2013
T. Taurines et B. Boizot
The confinement of high activity nuclear wastes requires their storage in safe and sustainable conditions. For this purpose, vitroceramic structures, which are both vitreous and crystalline, have been proposed, since they can have good performances by trapping radioactive elements in the crystalline phase.


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