Currently, the following positions are available:


1) Hybrid Quantum Circuits

3) Two-years post-doc position available on Andreev states in multiterminal Josephson junctions (with H. Pothier, M. Goffman and C. Urbina). Contact hugues.pothier@cea.fr. Details here.

PhDs, Internships

We propose internships, corresponding to possible PhD thesis:

- Electron spin resonance of individual spins in solids (with P. Bertet)
- Towards Coupling a Superconducting Qubit to a Single Spin (with P. Bertet)

A PhD position on Magnetic Resonance at the Few Spins Level is open within the QuSCO Eueopean Training Network. Please contact P. Bertet for more details.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

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