Currently, the following positions are available:


Urgent: one year post-doc: Development of wideband parametric amplifiers operating at the quantum limit.
Contact denis.vion@cea.fr

Josephson Quantum Bits

Hybrid Quantum Circuits

PhDs, Internships

We propose 5 internships, corresponding to possible PhD thesis:

- High impedance superconducting quantum circuits (with P. Joyez, funding for PhD by CEA "sujet phare")
- Quantum jumps and quasiparticle trapping in superconducting one-atom contacts (with H. Pothier, M. Goffman and C. Urbina, funding by ANR grant)
- Manipulation of the quantum state of individual superconducting excitations in nanowires (with M. Goffman, H. Pothier and C. Urbina, funding by ANR grant)
- Electron spin resonance of individual spins in solids (with P. Bertet)
- Towards Coupling a Superconducting Qubit to a Single Spin (with P. Bertet)

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