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Luc Belloni


Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire sur l'Organisation Nanométrique et Supramoléculaire


CEA/SACLAY, 91191-Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex, France

tel.jpg +33 1 69 08 48 18
fax.png +33 1 69 08 66 40


Research scientist, directeur de recherche, expert international

Theoretician in condensed matter, in statistical mechanics of charged liquids

Research activities

Understanding the thermodynamical, equilibrium, structural and stability properties of aqueous solutions containing charged objects  of various geometries and shapes (ions, organic or mineral oxide colloids, latex, proteins, DNA, semi-flexible polyelectrolytes, clays,...) from the correlations between particles at the nanometer level. Quantitatively explaining the experimental data in small angle scattering, reflectivity, osmotic pressure,...

Techniques: integral equations in physics of liquids, Monte Carlo or Brownian Dynamics simulation, Poisson-Boltzmann equation,...

Present main domain of interest: "ionic specificity" (why Na+ and K+ or Cl- and Br- may induce very different effects in colloid and interfacial systems while they carry the same charge?)

This specificity is related to short range interactions and correlations between ions and between surfaces and ions due to the polarisability of the ions and the surface groups, to the multipolar nature of the water solvent,...

I currently study molecular integral equations (HNC...) for solutions with an explicit description of the H2O molecules and the induced ion dipoles (projet ANR 2006 "SISCI").

In parallel, I develop the same molecular integral equation codes in the case of colloidal molecules like tetrapodes made of a silica core surrounded by four latex sites in tetrahedral geometry (projet ANR 2008 "TOCOMO").

 List of Publications


Complete list: liste_publications_11_11.doc

A review on colloidal interactions:

Colloidal interactions
L. Belloni, J. Phys. : Cond. Matter 12, R549 (2000) 

Some recent publications:

Yes, pair correlations alone do determine sedimentation profiles of highly charged colloids
L. Belloni, J. Chem. Phys. 123, 204705 (2005)

Elasticity of fluctuating charged membranes probed by X-ray grazing-incidence diffuse scattering
G. Brotons, L. Belloni, Th. Zemb, T. Salditt, Europhys. Lett. 75, 992 (2006)

Salt screening and specific ion adsorption determine neutral-lipid membrane interactions
H.I. Petrache, Th. Zemb, L. Belloni, V.A. Parsegian, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 103, 7982 (2006)

Equation of state of colloids coated by polyelectrolyte multilayers
M. Dubois, M. Schonhoff, A. Meister, L. Belloni, Th. Zemb, H. Moehwald, Phys. Rev.E 74, 051402 (2006)

Macroion virial contribution to the osmotic pressure in charge-stabilized colloidal suspensions
E. Trizac, L. Belloni, J. Dobnikar, H.H. von Grunberg, R. Castaneda-Priego, Phys. Rev. E 75, 11401 (2007)

Ion exchange in catanionic mixtures: From ion pair amphiphiles to surfactant mixtures
E. Maurer, L. Belloni, Th. Zemb, D. Carriere, Langmuir 23, 6554 (2007)

Osmotic pressure in colloid science: clay dispersions, catanionics, polyelectrolyte complexes and polyelectrolyte multilayers
D. Carriere, M. Page, M. Dubois, Th. Zemb, H. Colfen, A. Meister, L. Belloni, M. Shonhoff, H. Moehwald, Coll. Surf. A 303, 137 (2007).

Specific ion adsorption and short-range interactions at the air aqueous solution interface
Padmanabhan, J. Daillant, L. Belloni, S. Mora, M. Alba, O. Konovalov, Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 086105 (2007)

Effects of monovalent anions of the Hofmeister series on DPPC lipid Bilayers part II: Modeling the perpendicular and lateral equation-of-state
E. Leontidis, A. Aroti, L. Belloni, M. Dubois, Th. Zemb, Biophys. J. 93, 1591 (2007)

Ripening of cationic aggregates upon dyalis
Y. Michina, D. Carriere, C. Mariet, M. Moruska, P. Berthault, L. Belloni, Th. Zemb, Langmuir 25, 698 (2009)

 Liquid Expanded Monolayers of Lipids As Model Systems to Understand the Anionic Hofmeister Series: 1. A Tale of Models
E. Leontidis, A. Aroti, L. Belloni, J. Phys. Chem. B 113, 1447 (2009)

In-plane distribution in mixtures of cationic and anionic surfactants
D. Carrière, L. Belloni, B. Deme, M. Dubois, C. Vautrin, A. Meister, T. Zemb, Soft Matter 5, 4983 (2009)

HNC calculations of specific ion effects
L. Belloni, I. Chikina, "Specific Ionic Effects", chapter 10, ed. W. Kunz, World Scientific Publishing, 2010

X-ray studies of ion specific effects
P. Viswanath, L. Girard, J. Daillant, L. Belloni, O. Spalla, D. Novikov, "Specific Ionic Effects", chapter 10, ed. W. Kunz, World Scientific Publishing, 2010

La Diffusion de Neutrons aux Petits Angles : mécanique statistique des liquides et traitement des données     
L. Belloni, "Neutrons et Matière Molle", EDP Sciences, 2010



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