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The PRODIGE synthesis facility


A set-up facility dedicated to the large scale production of Si* based imogolite for research purpose has been installed in a CEA laboratory of the university Paris-Saclay (NIMBE/LIONS).
The facility is able to produce large quantity of high quality imogolite and imogolite-like nanotubes.
Actually, the facility enables the production of standard (OH)3Al2O3SiOH imogolite with a capacity of about 10g/week and hybrid imogolite (OH)3Al2O3SiCH3 with a capacity of about 100g/week. The imogolite samples are not dried and delivered as dispersion at a concentration between 5 and 10 g/l.

250 mL of an hybrid imogolite dispersion at 17 g/l seen in natural light and between crossed polarizers. A 0.2g dry imogolite film and the same between crossed polarizers.
Many synthesis are possible upon request if needed for a particular projects (mixture of CH3/OH, inclusion of other functions inside the nanotubes, partial substitution with iron, ...).


The nanotubes are routinely characterized using Small Angle X-ray Scattering and infra-red spectroscopy. These two analysis are important to have an idea of the quality of a sample.
Other characterizations are also performed on some samples when needed (cryo-TEM, AFM, NRM...).

Conditions to obtain imogolite from the PRODIGE facility

Requests to the PRODIGE facility are only meaningful for quantity of about 1g and more. For smaller quantities, standard and simple labware is enough for the synthesis. Samples (only for research purpose) are available upon request and only in the framework of scientific collaborations. It is especially open for collaborations in the framework of the "DIM poreux" of the Ile-de-France region program.
Briefly, even as part of a scientific collaboration, the imogolite samples cannot be delivered for free. The synthesis of the imogolite has to be included in a scientific project in which the PRODIGE facility is granted the funds needed for the production (chemicals, consumables, water,...). It is however also possible to deliver imogolite for an already funded project. But in this last case, as PRODIGE is not a commercial facility, the delivery of imogolite is only possible under the framework of a scientific collaboration with the LIONS researchers. Typical prices for dialized concentrated dispersion of imogolite (with IR/SAXS data) in water are 500€/g for standard imogolite and 250€/g for hybrid imogolite**.
The conditions (delay, type of projects and scientific interests) can be discussed directly with the LIONS researchers, in particular (but not only) Antoine Thill ( or Sophie Le Caër (