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Group “Dynamics and Interactions in COndensed Phase (DICO)”   

Interactions, Dynamics and Lasers Laboratory, building 522, CEA/Saclay, 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette CEDEX, France

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CNRS research scientist since October 2008


Interaction of UV radiation with DNA (excited states, reactivity)

Time-resolved spectroscopy


Born October 5, 1978 at Kazincbarcika (Hungary)


2006-2008 CNRS post-doctoral fellow at the Laboratoire Francis Perrin

2002-2006 Research Assistant at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


2006 PhD in Chemistry (Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary)

2002 Master degree in Chemistry (Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary)

Selected publications

Dernières publications (base publiCEA)

Effect of C5-Methylation of Cytosine on the Photoreactivity of DNA: A Joint Experimental and Computational Study of TCG Trinucleotides.
L. Esposito, A. Banyasz, T. Douki, M. Perron, D. Markovitsi, R. Improta
Journal of the American Chemical Society (2014) 136, 10838-10841.

Multi-Pathway Excited State Relaxation of Adenine Oligomers in Aqueous Solution: A Joint Theoretical and Experimental Study.
A. Banyasz, T. Gustavsson, D. Onidas, P. Changenet-Barret, D. Markovitsi, R. Improta
Chemistry - A European Journal (2013) 19, 3762-3774.

Electronic Excited States Responsible for Dimer Formation Upon UV Absorption Directly by Thymine Starnds: Joint Experimental and Theoretical Study.
A. Banyasz, T. Douki, R. Improta, T. Gustavsson, D. Onidas, I. Vayá, M. Perron, and D. Markovitsi
Journal of the American Chemical Society (2012) 134, 14834-14835

Base Pairing Enhances Fluorescence and Favors Cyclobutane Dimer Formation Induced upon Absorption of UVA Radiation by DNA.
A. Banyasz, I. Vayá, P. Changenet-Barret, T. Gustavsson, T. Douki, and D. Markovitsi
Journal of the American Chemical Society (2011) 133, 5163-5165.

The peculiar spectral properties of amino-substituted uracils: a combined theoretical and experimental study.
A. Banyasz, S. Karpati, Y. Mercier, M. Reguero, T. Gustavsson, D. Markovitsi, R. Improta.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2010) 114, 12708-12719.

Absorption of UV radiation by DNA: Spatial and temporal features.
D. Markovitsi, T. Gustavsson and A. Banyasz
Mutatation Research - Reviews in Mutation Research (2010) 704, 21-28.

UVA-induced cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers in DNA: a direct photochemical mechanism?
S. Mouret, C. Philippe, J. Gracia-Chantegrel, A. Banyasz, Sz. Karpati, D. Markovitsi and T. Douki
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (2010) 8, 1706–1711.

UV-Induced structural changes of model DNA helices probed by optical spectroscopy.
A. Banyasz, Sz. Karpati, E. Lazzarotto, D. Markovitsi and T. Douki
Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2009) 113, 11747-11750.

Effect of amino substitution on the excited state dynamics of uracil.
A. Banyasz, T. Gustavsson, E. Keszei, R. Improta and D. Markovitsi
Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences (2008) 7, 765-768.

Ultrafast excited state deactivation and energy transfer in guanine-cytosine DNA double helices.
F. A. Miannay, A. Banyasz, T. Gustavsson and D. Markovitsi
Journal of the American Chemical Society (2007) 129, 14574-14575.

Random access three-dimensional two-photon microscopy.
B. Rózsa, G. Katona, E. S. Vizi, Z. Várallyay, A. Sághy, L. Valenta, P. Maák, J. Fekete, A. Banyasz and R. Szipocs
Applied Optics (2007) 46, 1860-1865.

Singlet Excited-State Behavior of Uracil and Thymine in Aqueous Solution: A Combined Experimental and Computational Study of 11 Uracil Derivatives.
T. Gustavsson, A. Banyasz, E. Lazzarotto, D. Markovitsi, G. Scalmani, M. J. Frisch, V. Barone and R. Improta
Journal of the American Chemical Society (2006) 128, 607-619.

Nonparametric deconvolution of femtosecond kinetic data.
A. Banyasz and E. Keszei
Journal of Physical Chemistry A (2006) 110, 6192-6207.


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