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Univ. Paris-Saclay
Fabrication and characterization of a hybrid quantum device for single spin microwave detection
Quantronics group
Vendredi 28/08/2020, 14:00-16:00

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The context of this thesis is a proposal by Haikka et al. [1] that aims at detecting individual spins with microwaves, using a superconducting micro-resonator that incorporates a nanometric constriction located close to the spin, cooled down to millikelvin temperatures.

The electron spins of choice are shallow implanted  approx. 20 nm depth single Nitrogen - Vacancy (NV) centers in an isotopically purified 12C diamond. Their transition frequency is approx. 2.88 GHz  We report the fabrication of a single NV center grid with long coherence times and well localized with respect to alignment marks etched in the diamond.

We demonstrate a method to determine the position of shallow individual implanted nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers with respect to a metallic nanowire deposited on diamond. We use the NV center as a vector magnetometer [2, 3] to measure the field generated by passing a DC current through the wire, enabling us to infer the NV centers position relative to the wire with a precision of approx 10 nm.

We fabricated and performed the characterization of a LC resonator of low impedance 11Ω, internal quality factor as high as 2x10^5 and resonance frequency of approx. 2.93 GHz on top of such an ensemble of implanted NVs. The magnetic field resilience of the resonator was however not sufficient to observe the spin signal.

[1] P. Haikka, Y. Kubo, A. Bienfait, P. Bertet, and K. Mølmer, “Proposal for detecting a single electron spin in a microwave resonator", Phys. Rev. A, vol. 95,p. 022306, Feb 2017.

[2] J. M. Taylor, P. Cappellaro, L. Childress, L. Jiang, D. Budker, P. R. Hemmer, A. Yacoby,R. Walsworth, and M. D. Lukin, “High-sensitivity diamond magnetometer with nanoscale resolution", Nature Phys, vol. 4, pp. 810–816, Oct. 2008.

[3] X.-D. Chen, F.-W. Sun, C.-L. Zou, J.-M. Cui, L.-M. Zhou, and G.-C. Guo, “Vector magnetic field sensing by a single nitrogen vacancy center in diamond", EPL, vol. 101, p. 67003, Mar.2013.

Contact : Patrice BERTET


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