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Laserlab-Europe Laser Plasma Summer School at CLPU, Salamanca, Spain, 17-21 September 2018   


Ti:Sa CPA systems enable to reach high laser intensities at a relevant repetition rate opening the way to new possibilities for experiments in different field of physics. The Centro de Láseres Pulsados (CLPU) is entering now the operational phase. After two successful commissioning experiments, the VEGA-2 system (200 TW) will host 7 experimental campaigns in 2018, led by international recognised research groups.

The combination of laser intensity, short duration and repetition rate offered by VEGA paves the way for new exiting possibilities for the next experimental campaigns and also represents a scientific and technological challenge for what concerns targetry and diagnostic techniques. 

The summer school on diagnostic techniques for laser-plasma experiments at HRR will be open to MSc and PhD students from Physics and related disciplines (i.e. engineering, materials science,...). The main goal is to train a new generation of researchers from Spain and from other European countries to enable them to make optimum use of laser facilities in novel applications. 

Registration deadline: 30th June 2018. For details see https://clpu.es/es/LaPlaSS_Home.

S. Jubera, dépêche du 11/06/2018


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