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Univ. Paris-Saclay
SONATE: an accelerator-driven neutron source
High Brillance Compact Accelerator-Driven Neutrons Sources


The LLB is currently evaluating the performances which can be achieved with high brillance "Compact accelerator-driven neutron source" (CANS). The aim is to be able to provide to the French neutron scattering community access to a suite of workshorse instruments on-par with the current LLB instruments at the horizon 2025.




The layout of such a facility is presented below.  A compact proton accelerator wouls proton pulses on two targets: long pulse / low frequency target (2ms pulses, 20 Hz repetition rate) to instruments such as SANS, reflectometer, imaging and a short pulse / high frequency (200µs, 100Hz) to high resolution instruments (diffraction, ToF, spectroscopy)

#2755 - Màj : 09/04/2019


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