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Magnétomètre à très basses températures/ Dilution-refridgerated SQUID magnetometer

The sample mounting tip of the dilution-cryostat

Our SQUID (Superconducting QUantum Interference Device) based magnetometer is equipped with 3He-4He dilution refrigerator. The system was developed orignally under the direction of M. Ocio and P. Pari (SPEC Cryogenics group). Currently, this  low temperature SQUID magnetometer (called Mag-dilu, for short) is a part of GMFD (magnetism, frustration and disorder) group.


DC magnetization measurement capability:

  • Lowest T~90mK (the upper limit ~3K)
  • Maximum magnetic fields ~7000G.
  • Signal sensitivity ~10-10-9 Am2



Recent research acitivities using this low temperature SQUID magnetometer (Mag-dilu for short) include:


To find out more : Francois Ladieu, Denis L'hôte, or Sawako nakamae


Maj : 14/02/2012 (1159)


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