LIDYL (UMR9222) is a research laboratory associated with three organisms: CEA, CNRS and Paris Saclay University. Its activities are focused on the fundamental processes involved in the interaction between radiation and matter.

The research projects range from attosecond electron dynamics in simple atomic and molecular systems to the reactivity of biomolecules on the millisecond time-scale, going through plasma studies.


Chirped pulse amplification in an extreme-ultraviolet free-electron laser
Gauthier D, Allaria E, Coreno M, Cudin I, Dacasa H, Danailov MB, Demidovich A, Di Mitri S, Diviacco B, Ferrari E, Finetti P, Frassetto F, Garzella D... - Nat. Com 2016

Ultrafast Fluorescence Dynamics in Flurbiprofen-Amino Acid Dyads and in the Supramolecular Drug/Protein Complex
Vayá I,   Jiménez M.C, Miranda M.A, Chatterjee A & Gustavsson T. - CHIMIA. 2017

Femtosecond dynamics of the 2-methylallyl radical: A computational and experimental study
Röder A, Issler K, Poisson L, Humeniuk A, Wohlgemuth M, Comte M, Lepetit F, Fischer I, Mitric R and Petersen J - J. Chem. Phys. 2017

Le processus de photoionisation parait simple a priori : l'absorption par un atome d'un photon, dont l'énergie ... More »
Les photons, particules associées à la lumière, sont porteurs d'un moment angulaire (ou cinétique). ... More »
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