Laboratoire Interactions, Dynamiques et Lasers (LIDYL)

Groupe Dynamique Interaction en phase COndensée (DICO)

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Dernière MàJ : 7 Octobre 2017



Thèmes de recherche



Activity figures: H-Factor : 14 (WoS), 18 (Google Scholar),

Invitations in International Symposia : 33 / 50 conferences, publications in peer reviewed journal : 61, Participation in book chapters : 10

Chairman of 2 international Conferences(JECR2010, Radiation Chemistry Symposium in 2011), 1 Workshop in 2009 and 3 Summer Schools in 2008, 2015 and 2017

Supervising and co-supervising of 9 PhD students,  12 postdoc, many graduated students


Publications Scientifiques (échantillons sur les 3 dernières années)

  1. L’apport des ions accélérés dans l’épopée de la chimie sous rayonnement.
    G. Baldacchino
    Histoire de la Recherche Contemporaine, CNRS Editions, 2017, tome VI, p. 47 5.
  2. Revisited water radiolysis at elevated pH by accounting O3- kinetics at low and high LET .
    A.K. El Omar, G. Baldacchino, I. Monnet and P. Bouniol
    RSC Advances 5 (2015) 89244.
  3. Influence of light ion irradiation of the oxide layer on the oxidation rate of Zircaloy-4 .
    R. Verlet, M. Tupin, G. Baldacchino, K. Wolski, S. Miro, D. Gosset, K. Colas, M. Jublot and F. Jomard
    Corrosion Science 98 (2015) 327.
  4. First Observation of HO Reactivity in Water under High Energy Ions at Elevated Temperature .
    A. Balcerzyk, I. Boughattas, S. Pin, E. Balanzat and G. Baldacchino,
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 16 (2014) 23975.
  5. A new mechanism for hydroxyl radical production in irradiated nanoparticle solutions.
    C. Sicard-Roselli, E. Brun, M. Gilles, G. Baldacchino, C. Kelsey, H. McQuaid, C. Polin, N. Wardlow, F. Currell,
    Small, 274 (2014), 841.
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